Monday, August 25, 2014

Alia Bhatt: Genius of the Year

I wasn't sure about this based on the title but I ended up really enjoying it! I do like Alia and I think a lot of the flack she got for being "dumb" was unfair so it's nice to see her take those jokes and defang them. Oh, Alia! She's definitely my favorite from the new batch of heroines.

And it's rather sweet of Karan to let himself be the butt of the joke here… although his "hole" comment… I had to cover my ears!!

(And how sad for Arjun Kapoor that he can't even convincingly play "himself." He really is a mediocre actor.)


Red said...

I agree. :) Alia is such a sweet and honest girl. I like her though she appears on magazine covers too often! And Arjun is just bad...

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Apex said...

Fg:Agree with u about alia. She's the best amongst the new lot and perhaps has peaked too soon with highway. "Tu kuja" was brilliant...
Haven't seen this clip though isn't it normal for most PYA having suboptimal awareness (hehe not talking bout fg and other gals here: jus kiddin).Btw alias highway performance reminded of another "Childhood trauma trope" film I saw recently -maybe of interest to cineastes here--some random thoughts

This work is apparently a tribute to great Italian directors like Giallo. “Childhood trauma trope” if one may call it is employed here tracing the three takes in Ana’s (a name that refuses to leave me as well!) life played by Maria Bos to enigmatic perfection. Calling this “horror erotica” is totally wrong and infact shameful.The use of visual and aural imagery and the compulsive detail created in each scene is admirable.
Starts of as a scary fairytale with her creepy grandmother who is apparently into witchcraft. The tension is palpable through out and as Ana grows into a woman these become increasingly sexually driven.Thankfully there’s no distracting gross nudity here.there’s no consistent narrative, story, explanations. Time seems warped and distorted.
Basically the film challenges conventional film making norms. It draws parallel to my recent viewing of Jonathan glazers ‘under the skin’ with scarlette johansson.
There’s something primal to proceedings and even the most innocuous mundane event is captured /magnified for maximum sensory impact to the viewer.

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